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Attempts to commit suicide by taking Melatonin (all failed)

2022.01.27 05:43 StudentOfMetabolism Attempts to commit suicide by taking Melatonin (all failed)

This is an interesting set of case reports where people tried to commit suicide by taking Melatonin which they considered to be a sleeping pill
All failed.
"Within a period of 6 weeks, three patients attended the emergency department of a public district hospital after committing suicide by taking an overdose of melatonin. Their hospital stay was uneventful. This attested to the safety of melatonin. As melatonin is recently available over the counter as a "sleeping pill", it is expected that physicians will see more and more such overdose cases. (Hong Kong 2001; 8:150-152) "
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2022.01.27 05:43 celticloup Looking for someone to foster dogs

Hi, I have two Australian Shepherds that I need to find housing for from 10 March - 01 July. My husband and I are having a baby through a surrogate and we will need to be out of the country for her birth and the waiting process to get her paperwork, passport, etc. Unfortunately, we decided it will be too much to bring the dogs with us.
As we will be away for awhile, I'd hate to leave them with a border and would prefer leaving them with a family. They are both males and they are 1 year old and 8 years old. The one year old has been with the 8 year old since he was born, so I would prefer they stay together, but will be open to them having separate temporary homes.
They are fantastic, smart and house-trained dogs. They get along well with other dogs and children. I will of course compensate and buy all their food and necessities. Willing to bring them to any part of Sweden. Thank you!
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2022.01.27 05:43 xxDeva Some weird lighting and npc model visual glitches

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2022.01.27 05:43 xhadow-is_here The button gives you super speed but every 100th person you run by will blow up like a grenade

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2022.01.27 05:43 namer_of_trees 2022 Ford Ranger FX4 vs 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road

Hello, I am currently deciding which truck to purchase for target date of Aug/Sept. Due to the current used car market I am looking to buy new (in full, no financing). My budget is up to $45k with target of $40k. I live in the SoCal region.
My main use would be as an infrequent daily driver during the week (~70 mi per week) and longer trips on the weekend (~400 mi per weekend twice a month). The vehicle must be able to do some rougher forest roads, Baja trips, occasional rock climbing, but nothing too crazy, hence why I am not looking at the TremoRaptor models or the TRD Pro.
At this point, I would usually just test drive both and see which one I like better but I'm currently deployed overseas and would need the vehicle as soon as I return which is why I'm asking strangers online for their opinion. Financially, I can either guarantee the Ranger with my desired options for either MSRP or slightly less than MSRP through Military Auto Source. The Tacoma would be more complicated with trying to establish a contract with a dealership over email and have it ready for when I return.
For setup, I am looking to add a wedge camper like the Super Pacific or something similar (~300 lbs) and not planning on towing anything regularly. I want the ability to use the truck for a weekend up to a 2 week trip.
From my own research, here are my conclusions:

Cons: * Outdated interior * Have read that seating is uncomfortable, especially for long drives * Have to deal with dealership shenanigans (personal issue) * Worse mileage
If anyone has had a similar dilemma or have information to add, please share. Appreciate the insights!
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2022.01.27 05:43 z115 Breyer Mustang w/ handmade tack

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2022.01.27 05:43 TyroneWolf27 Enjoy yet another chaotic meme made by me😈❤

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2022.01.27 05:43 MzNikEb A few more any ideas on what they might be

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2022.01.27 05:43 xGhosTx1298 Wait, is this normal? Can you control pancake bot on sending random messages?

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2022.01.27 05:43 letmel_rkaround That one time Ayedabayu fan had a guest appearance on South Park

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2022.01.27 05:43 SnooHabits7994 How to Custom Control Center logo (tongfang model 2020 and Later)

Hello everyone,
Can anyone help me import custom logo for tongfang control center.
model 2020 or later
With kind regards,
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2022.01.27 05:43 unicorn_knight1 Nature man...nature

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2022.01.27 05:43 Zanbalide Which

I prefer( monster ) by my self
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2022.01.27 05:43 Quirky_Ranger2338 How long does a factory reset take on a Series X?

I’m selling my series x tomorrow and the person wants to meet at a McDonald’s. So I’m bringing a monitor so he can test it out and hope to be able to reset it in the McDonald’s. I know the staff won’t want us there forever so I’m wondering how long a factory reset will take and if I’ll have time to do it in the restaurant.
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2022.01.27 05:43 aeschenkarnos Can the GPD Pocket 3 run SteamVR for an Oculus Quest 2?

As per the headline - can the GPD Pocket 3 run SteamVR (with acceptable performance) for an Oculus Quest 2? Do you need to use a link cable, or is Virtual Desktop and a phone hotspot wifi sufficient?
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2022.01.27 05:43 NeokyoProxy Unexpected Mercari purchase maintenance

A sudden new routine in the Mercari purchase process requires a significant update on our end.
We have therefore placed the acceptance of new Mercari Buy Requests on hold. Pending purchase will be completed once the maintenance is over.
This maintenance duration is unknown.
We apologise for the trouble caused, and thank you for your kind patience.
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2022.01.27 05:43 midi_guy 32 day streak... gone

I only just posted the other day about how I thought this was the streak. Well, last night my brain got the better of me after the whole 'go on, you deserve it' mental fight. While I may have lost the fight, at least there was no porn usage and my thoughts were generally quite healthy (i.e. thinking about my gf). I didn't feel ashamed or dirty afterwards, in fact, it felt quite natural. Despite this, I want to get back on track and beat my 32 day streak. I definetely see the positive changes that have been happening in my mind. The whole 'this feels healthy and natural' definetely feels like a slippery slope right back to where I started so, back to day 1!

All the best to everyone else on day 1!
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2022.01.27 05:43 Ramy117 So why was Terry able to…

Be a Sensei in the tournament? In the notes for why CC got banned Terry was explicitly mentioned, and one of the reasons it was allowed back was cuz Johnny had no relations with Terry or Barnes.
Soooo…. Why was Terry let back in? Did he pay someone else off to not do anything? What do you guys think?
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2022.01.27 05:43 snoopmammal Making a vaporwave-themed house. Here's a small hallway

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2022.01.27 05:43 IN-TERRA-VERITAS Die Rolle der Frau in der Steinzeit … war ganz anders als bisher gedacht. (Teil 2) Die Annahme, dass Männer in den Wäldern jagten, während Frauen Nahrung sammelten und sich um die Kinder kümmerten. Eine Fiktion unserer modernen Gesellschaft? (Teil 2/2: die Sicht der Anthropologie)

Die Rolle der Frau in der Steinzeit … war ganz anders als bisher gedacht. (Teil 2) Die Annahme, dass Männer in den Wäldern jagten, während Frauen Nahrung sammelten und sich um die Kinder kümmerten. Eine Fiktion unserer modernen Gesellschaft? (Teil 2/2: die Sicht der Anthropologie) submitted by IN-TERRA-VERITAS to Geschichte [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 05:43 j8llonby The Wrestling Vodserver Notes and Star Ratings for the 25th January Edition of TrawpleJump

The Wrestling Vodserver star ratings for the January 25th edition of TrawpleJump. Please note any match with Barbara Pis is automatically 5 Stars. Please note Sean O'Haire is this season's Minus 5 ⭐ King*.
Vodserver notes:
Xbox's Own Babs faced the Minus 5 ⭐ King Sean O'Haire multiple times this week. Sean O'Haire could realistically eclipse the former Minus 5 ⭐ King Rey Mysterio and form a new Kingdom. In this journalist's opinion Sean O'Haire has been overexposed and has Xpac levels of go away heat.
Tension continues to build between Worst Team Ever members Peter Austin and Ben Potter. We're told that while they have agreed to remain teammates, they interact very little with eachother. They used to travel the house show circuit together but now not only do they travel separate but they don't even talk to eachother until they are in Guerilla waiting to walk through the curtain. This has saddened Mutual friend JAMES JENKINS?! who just wants them to get along.
Commentator Ben Potter (no relation to the wrestler also called Ben Potter) incorrectly stated that JAMES JENKINS?! hasn't appeared in TrawpleJump when he's actually has. JAMES JENKINS?! lost to Begimopz (match also featured The Annoying Thing) on the January 11th edition of TrawpleJump.
The two Table Tornado Tag matchs featuring John Cena and Judd Johnson vs HHH and Rodney Mack and The Dudley Boys vs Powmoussek and Wetboi have made history as my first ever DUDs.
Star ratings:
Dave Benson Philips vs Wetboi 3.25 ⭐
Dickless Mycinko vs Bubba Ray Dudley 3.5 ⭐ Hardcore Championship Triple Threat Ashton Mathews (Champion) vs Christian vs Rob Van Dam 3.25 ⭐ New Champion Rob Van Dam!!
Four man Battle Royale Neil Buchanan (1st eliminated) vs Simon Miller (Winner) vs Peter Austin (2nd eliminated) vs Ben Potter (last eliminated) 4 ⭐
World Tag championship The Dudley Boys (Champions) vs Peter Austin and Ben Potter .5 ⭐
Table Tornado Tag John Cena and Judd Johnson vs HHH and Rodney Mack- DUD
JAMES JENKINS!?, Ze Winkler and Rules Boss vs Powmoussek, Wetboi and The Annoying Thing 5 ⭐
WWE Women's Championship Hannah Montana (Champion) vs Ivy 5 ⭐
World Tag Championship Table Tornado Tag The Dudley Boys (Champions) vs Powmoussek and Wetboi- DUD
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2022.01.27 05:43 crytoloover KOIN ADA PUMP !! 2022 TAHUN CARDANO BLOCKCHAIN IS REAL??

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2022.01.27 05:43 Happy-kerik Není to dobrý nápad?

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2022.01.27 05:43 BlurredGrey Your daily male liberal “Feminist” on r\teenagers

Guys in teenagers in a nutshell.
“I drink my respect women juice daily!!!!”spends hours arguing over which female body part is the best in Boobs VS Ass threads, like over which cut of beef is the best at his local deli.
“I just want hugs and cuddles not just sex “ 😔 Made 30 posts about being horny and desperately wanting to get laid in the last 3 days, nothing about wanting to be hugged
Trans rights are human rights! probably has made thousands of homophobic/slur jokes
Shits on guys who disrespect their gf’s and that put no effort into their relationship Has spent majority of his time playing video games and has made no attempt to reschedule his time or communicate with his gf to mend his relationship, still wonders why his relationships always fail.
“I swear I don’t think of women as just objects!” continues talking over which body part makes him more horny
I’m not like #liketheotherguys who only uses you ... let me stare at your thicc thighs for a minute...It’s different! I swear! I voted for women’s rights. probably watches anime and has it has his pfp
I’m not a misogynist 🥺 cue BDSM rant about how it’s a man’s biological need to dominate his gf, and how it’s a woman’s role to submit and serve his sexual desires and every whim. Uses kinks as a guise to deflect and cover his misogyny. If you question his beliefs your just kink shaming him.
It’s sexist for a woman to not find me attractive. How can you say no to me???
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2022.01.27 05:43 JetreL OP made lots of mistakes but still is resilient. Your take may be different but an interesting read of how a hole can be dug.

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