2022.01.27 05:59 Koenig2005 Ich🎶iel

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2022.01.27 05:59 dandiesbarbershop Gift of service for father, son, brother by Dandies

Our Gift of Service is a great way of showing appreciation to your loved ones, not just for your father, son or husband.
Book for your loved ones on our website, add your card on file and put in the comment box the special occasion if there is any message put that as well, and we will let you know when we will be paying a visit and to whom. Let us here at Dandies Barber take care of the rest. We will make the date with barber an exceptional one for your partner or family member.
Celebrate the men in your life. Make them feel extra special with a gift from Dandies Barber and Beard Stylist. We offer a full service from start to finish, making the appointment as easy as possible. It's a great way of showing appreciation!
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2022.01.27 05:59 ImEliasK Its currently January 27, 2022 at 09:59AMat GMT +2

Its currently January 27, 2022 at 09:59AM at GMT +2
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2022.01.27 05:59 Marlonarseors Grooming

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2022.01.27 05:59 dongiino E

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2022.01.27 05:59 narwhals135 How do you deal with the fact that you’ll forever be different?

I [24F] am very different from my mother and sisters. They’re all very outgoing, very sociable, and love being around others and each other.
I, on the other hand, have a very low threshold for socializing. I don’t talk as much as they do; I don’t hang out with my friends as much as they do; I don’t have as large of a social circle as they do; I’m not active on social media as they are; I don’t like small talk as much as they do. And on top of all that, we don’t have similar tastes in fashion or music, and we also don’t live similar lifestyles. All three of them get along so well with each other while I’m always “the oddball.” The one with the weird boundaries, the one who hates noise and can’t stand crowded spaces, the one who leaves earlier than anyone during social gatherings, and the one who is soft spoken and doesn’t talk much or at all at times.
My whole life I’ve been made to think that being me just isn’t “right.” And that being anything other than sociable and extroverted is “wrong.” I find myself being so critical of myself whenever I don’t something that isn’t “normal” by their standards—constantly comparing myself to them and thinking to myself, “I should be doing what they’re doing” or “I should be interested in the same things they like.”
I wish, for once, if I could just learn to be unapologetically myself without feeling obligated to do things the way they do.
Has anyone here felt something similar? How do I learn to not care about being different from my family members?
Help... I feel so inadequate and like there’s something seriously wrong with me.
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2022.01.27 05:59 MartyMcBlart Bible tarantula, bitch I’ma animal Melly a savage, no he not no amateur bitch I’m a murder huh yuh

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2022.01.27 05:59 thatnaughtynerd Don't miss this giveaway because Gaming NFTs are the future

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A Tibetian Buddhist friend has been sending videos of Karmapa with me. Even tho I am someone who took refugee of triple gem and 5 precepts and was spending a lot of time every day learning more about Buddhism from different masters, I have never felt much connection or resonance to Karmapa that I never got interested in his teaching, so I never really watched those videos.
One day last year, out of curiosity I decided to research Karmapa on google, and surprisingly I've found news about a woman from Taiwan, Jane Huang, who reported about the sex scandal that Karmapa was having with her, along with voice call recordings as evidence. Then I sent the news to my friend, but immediately she said she saw this news long ago and that was just someone trying to mock and attack those who are spreading dharma, and asked me to stop sharing those with her or spread the rumors. Even after stating that those voice recordings were claimed to be at least 90% legit from an independent authority, she refused to believe in the possibility that Huang was telling the truth. I felt there is an attachment she has towards Karmapa who she views as a holy idol, bodhisattva, master, etc, so of course, she was not willing to believe so and instead said that I am just not connected to him and know much about him and having misunderstanding towards him. I felt something was totally off from there and I straight up told my friend to stop sharing anything about this guy with me.
I felt like the five precepts are the basic foundation for Buddhism practice and as a monk, a master in the position he has, it is even more important to maintain that. That's why before the Buddha entered Nirvana, he told Ananda, "Take the precepts as your teacher." There's a saying that a lot of fake gurus and monks will infiltrate temples, mislead disciples, and pollute dharma. I feel if one is so holy and rightful, such kinds of scandals and voice messages would not appear. I understand that Buddha Gotama also faced a similar situation at his time but it was totally a made-up slander without any proof. However, for Karmapa, as I went down the rabbit hole, I've discovered way darker truths about him.
I found the following information which gave me cringe after watching and hearing everything they have said: "I am Wu Hang-Yee from Hong Kong. After Taiwanese lady Jane Huang exposed the Karmapa scandal, I came to shout out #MeToo to disclose the fact that Karmapa has been cheating, lying, and abusing women sexually to vent his sexual desire."
Quoted From Wu's blog: CAMPAIGN TO EXPOSE AND STOP KARMAPA FROM MANIPULATING WOMEN https://karmaparapesbydeception.blogspot.com/ Wu Hang Yee from Hong Kong : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVnpLl-M1tbXDRxIW5tOCKQ Jane Huang from Taiwan: (You can hear the voice call recallings here) https://www.youtube.com/c/JaneHuang2019/videos
As someone who has also been sexually manipulated and abused, I felt the pain from these women from their eyes and I admire the courage they have to come up and speak out about this. I do not feel that they put themselves into all these troubles, risking their lives and reputations, facing all the hatred and attacks from the Karmapa's followers just to get famous or black naming him, by being vulnerable and telling their story in painful details online. Energy speaks louder than words, and I trust my intuition on this. This has explained why I never felt resonance with Karmapa.
It is very upsetting to see such tragedy happen in the Buddhism community and I wish they are not true, but I cannot help but believe that the women are telling the truth and someone is still getting away because of his position and influence. As Buddhists, we should not blindly follow some masters and lose our logic. I don't know these women in person, and I wonder if there are more victims still hiding and afraid to speak up. I just wish to share the info and let more people hear about their stories and make their own judgments as I think this really needs to be heard and acknowledged by a lot more people, Buddhist or not.
What are your thoughts?
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2022.01.27 05:59 Big-Field-4423 10 Wins with my First ever Sloth in the Game! Thanks to the Big Scaling units (P.S.: I've played 30 matches with 1138 points atm)

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2022.01.27 05:59 alirezar78 The rare and beautiful maltese tiger

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2022.01.27 05:59 godlyatleague just came back to hearthstone. how do you deal with priests?

the amount of times they just go "haha shard of naaru time" and one shot my hero when I was 'winning' is absurd.
how do you deal with this? how do you beat priests?
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2022.01.27 05:59 any_pronouns_ "Why, why love? Why, why suffer? Isn't it better to be free and sing songs?"

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2022.01.27 05:59 Fun_Lawfulness_4899 I have a chapter of a novel written that I'd like to turn into a Manga. (Does have swearing and some gore) Willing to commission from an artist.

I'm not an artist, so I'd gladly commission work from someone. It's a gritty, high action, horror, sci-fi thriller. Geez, that's a mouthful. Think Indiana Jones meets H.P Lovecraft with modern technology and fashion from all decades. If someone just wants to work on it with me, that's cool too. It's a passion project for me.
Ray sighs quietly, reaffirming the gravity of the situation to himself as he steps off the wall to begin pacing around. Nick, finally able to stand up, asks "How about we look around the car and see what we find? It's a big train, there's bound to be something, right?" Ray looks the kid up and down. He was adorned with an outfit much like his own with the exception of a well worn cabbie hat. The tufts of curly brown hair that protruded from the bottom of the cap glistened in the midday sun. "The kid couldn't be more than 25" he thought to himself. Ray then spoke aloud "Already tried that, the only things 'round here are us and whatever these are." Ray gestures to the 8’x3’x3’ metal containers lining the perimeter of the train car. Upon further inspection they appear to be electronically locked with a number pad on the side of each container. Each container is also numbered sequentially. "Hey, Ray! Would ya look at this? It looks like one of them's busted. It's making a strange hissing noise." Sure enough, air was leaking through the crease that separates the top of the case from the bottom on container 173. "The air is cold like a refrigerator. Let's get it open. There might be food inside." Nick grabs the top and bottom of the case and attempts to pry them apart. It opens easier than expected.
They both hear a satisfying beep as the broken container groans open. The deafening sound of grinding metal echoes in their ears. Following the sound, a burst of pressurized air fills the container car. The air is cool and feels climate controlled. Nick looks inside. His eyes widen in fear as he stumbles backwards, falling onto his back. His feet slip over and over as he desperately crawls his way back to the wall. Between scattered breaths, all he could manage to mutter was, "Oh, fuck...no, no, no, no...oh, my god." "Get a hold of yourself, man. What the fuck did you see?" Ray looks over at the container. With no one there to hold it open, the lid closed once again. Out of instinct, Ray deftly flicks open the stiletto knife and cautiously approaches the container, his heart pounding in his ears. With every step it seems to beat louder and louder. This trend continues until his heart threatens to break free of his chest. Ray slams the container open and thrusts his blade defensively toward it. What he sees makes his blood run cold as ice. Inside is a body. A human body. A body of a man possibly in his mid-thirties. "Jesus." He whispers to himself. "What did we find our way into the middle of?" There were no signs of a struggle. "Was he being preserved?" Blade still at the ready, he frantically looks around at the other containers."Does that mean...every single one of them is filled...with bodies?"
Panic rips through his brain like a million shards of glass. "We have to get out of here. Nick! We have to get o-" Ray has no time to react as the body of the man suddenly screams, "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" His eyes snap open, and his arms fling outwards as he tries to escape the container. "Get away from me! Don't take me! I don't want to be taken!" In a desperate attempt to survive, the man claws wildly to protect himself as he tumbles haphazardly out of the container. Ray narrowly escapes the first swipe, but unfortunately, Nick isn't so lucky. The man's nails tear across his face just above his left eyebrow. "Get out of my way!" The man then dives for the hole, rolls out of the train, and bolts off to the right towards the guard post. In shock, Nick and Ray could only look on as the hysterical man ran ahead. Off in the distance the man screams, "Help me! Help me! He-" Crack the sound of a semiautomatic rifle shakes the air for a moment. His head splits and blood splatters on the sand below. His decapitated corpse drops to its knees and collapses twenty feet from the guard post. He's hundreds of feet away from Nick and Ray as the train approaches the rail yard of shipping containers. "The-the-they fuckin' shot 'em." Nick barely manages to get out the words.
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2022.01.27 05:59 BTN_2442 Performing Kyle Landry’s solo piano arrangement of “Howl’s Moving Castle Theme (The Merry-Go-Round of Life)”

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2022.01.27 05:59 PhillyPanda Trans Philly swimmer inspires NCAA rule change, Penn pledges support

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2022.01.27 05:59 nix1grix Zombies Crisis

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2022.01.27 05:59 luciddreamsnews Induction of Lucid Dreams to Improve Sports Skills

What are you doing before reading this article? It depends on your habits, aptitude and your working environment. Some might be doing physical work like exercise, house chores, or job-related tasks, while others can be busy performing mental work, such as office work, writing, painting etc.
But both physical and mental activities are done in the same body. The physical practice is done by overall body involvement, and mental exercise is performed by cognitive approach for a motor task without much physical movement.
In lucid dreams, a different and confidential kind of mental practice is attained. People practised during dreaming and benefited from them. It is also possible to purposefully practice the skills according to their abilities and calibre while sleeping physically. Let's learn how sportsmen use lucid dreams to improve their sports skills.
Sports Skills Basic skills for any game and sports are the essential component of the sport. These skills start with learning and then practising; it leads to mastering the game. As you already know, "Practice Makes a Man Perfect"; practice is essential in all sports and necessary to achieve goals or win. The process is completed through coaching, sports performance and training of athletes or players. Some examples of games with their skills are given below.

Players practice different skills physically to master, but here is another way to help them rapidly achieve their goals.
Lucid Dreams to Improve Sports Skills Lucid dreaming is a proven way to utilize sleeping time as a learning time. Dreamer is sleeping physically while their brain is working in the other world to master skills or amused in their dream by controlling it. Sounds good! Sportsmen can learn lucid dreaming induction and master their sports skills; it's also proven from studies.
Research About Induction of Lucid Dreams to Improve Sport Skills During lucid dreams, physical and mental activities help to enhance actual abilities and sportsmanship spirit. Previous studies proved that physical performance could increase by lucid dreaming practice; to check the reliability of prior studies, researchers took semi-structured interviews of sixteen participants from different countries. These interviews were conducted via the internet and telephone and included a few closed and many open questions. All the study participants had familiarity with lucid dreaming. 13 participants recorded 81.3% positive effect of practice during controlled and conscious dreams; however, 10 participants enhanced their performance.
Overall, it is concluded that LD practise has a more fantastic prospect towards sports skills. The above study further provides ideas for future implementation and a base for mental practice studies. This also exhibits some positive effects e.g. increased confidence, ideas about physical practise, emotions and boosted flexibility for the players. Even when any athlete or sports person gets any injury, practising in LD contributes towards physical rehabilitation and refining and practising new motor skills while not practising in the field.
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2022.01.27 05:59 Infamydagger My only complaint

I loved everything, absolutely everything of the novel. The best thing I ever read. I loved how there are no real plot holes, everything is answered, the development, pacing, fight scenes, etc. My only complaint is there was this one scene in the "Torch that burns the myth" was there was a scene where dokja was put in a bad situation and he said something about how the forth wall prevents him from letting his actions break out and prevents him ever from reacting on his emotions like a fit of rage or cry. He was always calm, cool, and collected. I would have loved to see another scene later on where he had another situation and he truly got like upset and then they went more in depth on it. It would have been cool to finally see dokja show/react to his emotions.
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2022.01.27 05:59 No_Asparagus9320 Can anyone who knows Aramaic gloss 'Avada kedavra' please?

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2022.01.27 05:59 BugPrevious Bu pahalılıkta nasıl manga alabiliriz 2 yol

Bildiğiniz gibi bu yıl mangalar 24₺ den 32 ₺ ye yükseldi bu Türkiye de yaşayan bir insan için oldukça pahalı ama bu ürünün mağaza fiyatı. Mağazalardan manga almak yerine gidip irternet de ucuza örnek owari no seraph 8 mağaza da 32₺ iken irternet de 24 ve hatta 17 ₺ 16.80 e bile buldum. Veya diğer insanlar gibi irternetten kaçak olarak okumak Bunun için Türkçe veya İngilizceniz iyi ise İngilizce okuyun ciddiyim İngilizce de çoktan seri bitmiş iken Türkçe de Türk çevirmelerin çok yavaş olması ve çevirinin bazen ("anasını sikmesinden) dolayı Neyse kısa kesiceğim 1.irternetten satın alın aldığınız yere dikkat edin 2.irternetten kaçak okuyun
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2022.01.27 05:59 jnrx00 😭😭

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2022.01.27 05:59 itsloushere do i have to move from where i live?

I live near Milan in Italy (almost 50km) and after 3/4 profiles that live in the 25 km range, I get to see only girls that live in Milan.
Basically i see them but they will never see me cause they will never put 40/50 km range if you live in a metropoly..
Am i right? i think i have to move :\
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2022.01.27 05:59 fgocr Making song requests

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2022.01.27 05:59 Fabiantheferret1 Overwhelmed by plaster cast

hiya :), so i recently broke my wrist and needed to get a plaster cast to help it heal, during the first few days i developed a pressure sore and had to get a new one put on due to the rubbing.
and i've become very overwhelmed by the cast feeling looser than the last one. and have struggled with the feeling of touching my skin in general, now i'm aware i cant just go and get the doctors to make it tighter or have a different texture,
however id really appreciate some tips to help calm my brain down so i don't go pulling it off or something stupid like that. ( do not worry i wont pull the cast off but that is what my brain wants me to do)
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