New FREEing Lucy Heartfilia unboxing. They did a great job on her face this time around.

2022.01.27 05:44 Weebandgamerunboxing New FREEing Lucy Heartfilia unboxing. They did a great job on her face this time around.

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2022.01.27 05:44 Eastern_Pattern9097 Chaos Fragrance: Panty Dropper

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2022.01.27 05:44 Hellen-Morey UN chief tells Security Council: Afghanistan hanging by thread - Geo News

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2022.01.27 05:44 Less-History6365 Algo de ella?

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2022.01.27 05:44 skywalker218 Staked

I finally staked my tokens, now what? Anybody have any SHIB that they buried, and what can I expect from doing so? Any info helps tremendously, thank you!
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2022.01.27 05:43 Hellen-Morey India is a mothership of terrorism in South Asia: Munir Akram - Geo News

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2022.01.27 05:43 lijapak LuckyFairy

Wonderful project, this project is very good and this projector has a lot of attractions.This project looks very great and has a lot of attractions. So, hopefully will be better in the future. #FAE #LuckyFairy #FAEarmy #PlayToEarn #FAEmafia #Launchpad #cryptocurrency
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2022.01.27 05:43 Hellen-Morey Pakistan’s Geo-Economic Challenge (Part II) - Daily Times

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2022.01.27 05:43 noddylady People of reddit, what do you guys think about the quote "If you have to change who you are to fit into a group of people then it's not your group of people." ?

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2022.01.27 05:43 TehScout Some in-depth ideas for "new" Extraction operators

Been playing a LOT since the release, and the game so far is an excellent realization of the concept introduced all the way back in Operation Outbreak. At this point all I would want (aside from maybe nerfs to Spiker spam/Tormentors) is more content, and I've been thinking about how to rework the rest of the Siege operators in Extraction. Here are my ideas as of now:
*ASH/THERMITE/MIRA - While Ash would be fairly easy to implement, I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing any of these three being playable in-game due to their administrative roles. Which is fine, given how Thermite and Mira wouldn't really work all that well.
MUTE - I have a couple of ideas for the ECM Jammer, each of which depends on how alerted the nearby enemies are. In Stealth, the Jammers will have a significantly larger range (I'm thinking about an 8-10m radius sphere, something similar to the XR Drone), and will *prevent enemies within range from Howling, and prevent Nests within range from becoming activated from Howls outside of range. Effectively it will be a bubble of silence that can be placed just outside of an important room before clearing it out, so as to ensure that the hostiles inside won't be able to spoil your objective. It could also be used in Nest Tracking as insurance for Nests around the edges of Achaean-filled rooms. Now, against alerted enemies, the effective radius of the Jammer will be reduced to about the same size it is in Siege. Since the silencing effect would do nothing to an enemy that is already alerted, the Jammer will instead influence their behavior by **causing all enemies to avoid moving within the range of the Jammer, when possible. This will allow more effective construction of kill-boxes and chokepoints by manipulating the pathing of the enemy in a way it cannot fight against. When placed against walls, enemies will no longer attempt to break through them if there is another way for them to attack you. When placed against reinforced walls, Breachers will not attempt to latch on and detonate.. Now you can't just stand on top of one and be invincible; if left with no choice, enemies will move through Jammer fields to get to you. Also, enemies with ranged attacks will be mostly unaffected. As Mute levels up he will see improvements to the amount of Jammers he can hold, their effective radii, and the speed at which he deploys them.
THATCHER - I'm stealing the premise for this one from another post I saw a few days ago. I couldn't find it when trying to look back, so apologies to the original poster. The basic idea was that *low-level enemies hit by the EMP effect are pacified, aka brought back to Stealth mode. My ideas on top of that are that **if the enemy was Alerted prior to being EMPed, they would only be passive for a few seconds, and mid-tier enemies will be unable to use special attacks for a decent period of time. In Stealth, the EMP effectively becomes a quieter flashbang that also allows for multiple no-risk Stealth kills in a single room; essentially the same premise as my proposed Mute gadget, but as a temporary consumable. I'm also wondering if maybe this could be used in Nest Tracking to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat, or if that would be too unbalanced. Now against enemies like Rooters, Spikers, and Tormentors, this is a way to effectively neuter their ranged attacks for an extended period of time (at level one I'm thinking somewhere in the ballpark of 15-20 seconds). These enemies will still be capable of slashing at you if you get too close, but they will still try to remain at a distance and attempt to shoot at you in vain. As Thatcher levels up he will see improvements to how many EMPs he can hold, their effective radius and fuse timer (basically, turning them into instant-release grenades like Impacts), effect duration, and maybe even the ability to use them against Apexes and Proteans.
CASTLE - Simple enough, given that barricades are already implemented. Castle's Armored Barricades will be *significantly stronger than normal barricades, requiring ~10x the number of attacks to be destroyed. Of course, enemies like Breachers or Smashers will still be able to wreck them pretty easily (unless used in conjunction with Mute above or Bandit below). But as Castle levels up, he will obtain more Barricades and perhaps a slow recharge similar to Ela, **the ability for friendly bullets to pass through the Barricades without causing damage, and perhaps Barricades with the effective strength of reinforcements, only destructible by a Breacher's charged detonation.
MONTAGNE - I hope Ubisoft aren't going to shy away from trying a shield operator in Extraction, because I feel like the co-op atmosphere will lead to some interesting tactics. Monty's Extended Shield will work mostly the same in Extraction, but when fully extended he will also *attract low-level Alerted enemies into attacking him over nearby teammates. Given the shield's invincibility against melee and basic projectile attacks, this will turn all the distracted enemies into a shooting gallery for your teammates. Now of course, enemies like Breachers, Bloaters, and Smashers will still be a problem. As Montagne levels up, he will gain **increased resistance to explosive, poison, and Smasher AoE damage while the shield is Extended in order to more effectively turn him into a refrigerator with legs. He will also eventually auto-scan any enemy that hits his shield while Extended as well. A Smasher charge will still knock him on his ass though, so don't play chicken against the big guys.
TWITCH - Given how useful drones already are, Twitch should feel right at home in Extraction. While her original premise of an attack-capable drone will remain the same, the main change off the bat is the projectile it will shoot. Twitch's special REACT Drones will *fire a low-damage charge that can chain to nearby hostile elements, similar to the ARC Mines. While capable of taking out Grunts and Spikers in a couple of shots, the main usage of this gadget will be to neutralize Blinding Spores, Sower Mines, and Nests. The drones themselves will **have infinite battery, and a default movement speed between the default Recon Drone and the XR Drone. Potential upgrades for Twitch levelling up include increased drone speed, faster attack recharge/max charges, improved chaining via longer allowed chain distance and/or increased amount of chainages possible before the projectile expires.
BANDIT - A wise man once said, "It isn't a war crime if it's against aliens". I won't reveal my source on that. In any case, Bandit's implementation is fairly simple; his Batteries are *capable of electrifying both REACT technology and Sprawl alike within a small radius, dealing damage and slowdown to enemies caught in the range. A Battery placed in open ground will act like electrocuted barbed wire to enemies. However, **the Batteries MUST be placed near either REACT gear or Sprawl in order to function. A Battery in the middle of a clean floor won't be doing anything. One placed up against a reinforced wall will not only prevent Breachers from perforating it, it'll cause them to prematurely detonate immediately upon making contact, potentially causing splash damage to their unfortunate allies. It will do the same with standard REACT barricades, but enemies will still attempt to break their way through. A good defensive synergy would be to use Castle in conjunction with Bandit, as his Armored Barricades will have enough health to cause several Grunts to fry themselves trying to break through. Levelling up will give Bandit more Batteries, a larger area of effect, and increased damage within range.
BLITZ - Flashbangs are already busted in this game, so strapping a few to a shield is basically all you need to have an extremely effective Operator ability. Really, Blitz at level one will work exactly the same as he does in Siege. Its the Advancement levels where things start to get interesting. At level 2, he'll get a slow recharge on his Shield Flashes. At level 7, he'll gain an extra charge, as well as well as *automatic scanning of all enemies blinded by the flash. Finally, at level 10 the Shield Flash will have its range extended, and activating a Flash will also **instantly vaporize the Sprawl in a 10-foot cone in front of you to help keep you moving forwards.
GLAZ - Even though he was the least-used Operator back in Outbreak, I liked him quite a lot due to his ability to silently take out enemies from a great distance. But given how things are more complicated here, his gadget should be improved as well. First off, by default his Scope will *show the UV signatures of Archaeans at a much grater range than the normal UV light, even through walls. This will make him capable of nuking HVTs through half the map, provided there isn't anything indestructible in the way. This will also provide a nice counter to the Chimera Fog mutation. The SVU itself will be powerful enough to **momentarily stagger mid-tier enemies with the first shot to their Weak Point, and of course immediately obliterate anything lower health. Levelling up will grant his Scope the ability to insta-Spot any higher tier enemy aimed at without any walls in the way, his rifle the ability to shoot through Carapace on Breachers, Bloaters, Rooters, and Sowers for reduced damage, and at level 10, his rifle increased Weak Point damage, and doubled Weak Point damage if the enemy is unalerted. Because fuck Tormentors.
KAPKAN - Instead of stealing an idea from someone else on this subreddit, I'll steal this idea from another popular co-op horde shooter that I enjoy. Kapkan's EDDs will work the same as they do in Siege; place them on a doorway, wait for enemies, ???, profit. However, in Extraction, *pressing the gadget button while not near a doorway/window will switch all placed EDDs between explosive mode, and scanning mode. In scanning mode, EDDs will silently scan enemies that walk through the beam instead of detonating**. In essence, this is a way to combine Claymores and Scan Mines into one toggle-able package. This added functionality can also be used to watch a doorway and wait for a higher-value target to approach it, instead of having your EDD blow up on the first Grunt or Bloater that walks through. Levelling up will grant Kapkan more EDDs, the ability to recharge them over time, the ability to uncloak enemies that are scanned by them, and significantly improved explosion radius and damage.
Alright, this has taken a good bit longer than I expected it to so I'll stop here with all the Pathfinder Operators done. I'll probably continue on because I like coming up with these ideas, and I have a few more fleshed-out concepts for several of the DLC Operators that I want to write down. If you have any additional ideas or see any issues with any of these, by all means feel free to leave a comment!
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2022.01.27 05:43 Hellen-Morey US ratchets up sanctions pressure against Russia -

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2022.01.27 05:43 captainmycburkitt [homemade] Creamy Garlic Tuscan Salmon

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2022.01.27 05:43 lazostat Edge dark mode on android?

Does dark mode work on android? It shows all pages i visit white. At bot phone and tablet. Why??
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2022.01.27 05:43 -Spete So, here we go again, this user just make a post and every comment where saying some truth about soft mod, he harass. While by the rules it's forbidden, he is still being in subreddit (maybe already banned)

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2022.01.27 05:43 Hellen-Morey US embassy in Ukraine tells citizens to ‘consider departing now’ - ARY NEWS

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2022.01.27 05:43 EkkoHelp Need help with navigating Ekko jungle through the late game (Low Elo)

I decided to give Ekko a go after never really playing him much in the past. To my surprise I instantly did well but I've picked up a few bad habits and I'd like to correct them.
First, I seem to struggle with what to do late game. I know Ekko scales well but after a certain point everything is either warded and enemies know I'm trying to assassinate their fed carries and play accordingly. I actually lost my team the 44-minute thriller a few games back despite being insanely fed due to trying to catch the even more fed Jhin, I managed to kill him but got picked off twice. Our team was Gwen-Ekko- Akshan-Caitlyn-Zyra and seeing as we kinda had 0 engage I decided to make a play to save the game and it just didn't work out.
Second, and this is not really Ekko specific but I've noticed I kinda don't know what to do when I'm invaded. I almost always ban Shaco so I don't get the worst of it, but often I'm still visited in my own jungle by Graves or Elise players and I've noticed I don't really retaliate.
Third, what should my CS/min ideally be at? I feel like I'm farming terribly and that's a result of constantly having to be on my toes as the preferred playstyle in these ranks is just to fight constantly and for no reason. If I miss one of these pointless teamfights as a fed carry and my team loses I often risk losing the game.
Here's my OP.GG for reference.
Feel free to tell me if there's anything I'm doing wrong or should be doing different.
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2022.01.27 05:43 raisin22 Vacuum inquiry

Hi guys! Our new (New, New new) hotel is looking to upgrade our vacuums since the ones that were bought initially are struggling bad after just a few months. I was wondering if anyone has used and loved a certain brand and would like to point me in that direction? We get a lot of mud and dirt tracked into the hotel at our location and our current vacuums are dropping like flies…
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2022.01.27 05:43 FatalisticBlow Hi again!

Hope you're doing well, guess I've become a regular ha
Just one this time
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2022.01.27 05:43 Mediocre_lunatic SF scorpion with fx secret scrolls is untouchable. PS: no mk11 teams were hurt in this run.

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2022.01.27 05:43 EnterprisePaulaBeans Help identifying this music? (recording in description)

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