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Wie Österreich mit kolonialem Kulturgut umgehen möchte

2022.01.27 06:26 Mettwurstkaninchen Wie Österreich mit kolonialem Kulturgut umgehen möchte

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2022.01.27 06:26 Solar_Kestrel That lovely moment when you realize a hero has become ridiculously OP.

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2022.01.27 06:26 UnknownSpectator01 The John I had gotten used to

They get attacked, John gets mad and whoops everyone's ass. Seraphina tells him to calm down and that he is vulnerable too but he goes:
"Claire do you really believe I jump around executing fancy moves in hope of their effectiveness?
A regular human only sees the basic chess board, tactics and choosing positions well, at most people like you can play with time. But I? I have been living in an entire different world.
What your shady organisations fight to study, what they covet from an institution to another, all this information I am fully ported with. I can see, feel and work on this environnement they call "unknown", the one that has been foolishly used as a hierarchical system to base our society on.
Let them sting my flesh, for it will mold and learn to neutralise their craft. I shall only strike harder with stronger resistance.
And if they succeed, ending my life would be loosing a century worth of research or more, and I do not intend to be captured, as this world has never been welcoming to me regardless."
proceeds to whoop more ass and gets out of control
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2022.01.27 06:26 donmcg12 The Aussie “water” bottle

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2022.01.27 06:26 nix1grix Best game

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2022.01.27 06:26 robroy865 A bee and a beefly - the one is cool and the other is ridiculous.

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2022.01.27 06:26 SpaceExToTheMars The Insurance Physical

I was 42 years old and single at the time of this episode, and had been working for quite a few years at a technology company. The wages were good and the benefits outstanding. One of these included a valuable disability insurance policy that required a minor physical every three years. For some reason, I had kept ignoring the messages I got from HR reminding me of the deadline. I even managed to ignore the notice of cancellation, until I received an email the day before the absolute final cut-off date. Panicking, I phoned up the medical center where my doctor was, but was told that it was too late to schedule anything. No amount of pleading was enough to change their position, but they did give me the name of another clinic they thought might be able to accommodate my very tight timeline.
I phoned immediately (a Friday) and asked for a medical examination to be performed as soon as possible so that my policy would not be canceled. Again I was told that there was nothing available for three weeks. I pleaded to be treated as an emergency case but that didn't wash. I wondered if there was a doctor on duty at the weekend able to do a quick medical, nothing elaborate. Finally, the person on the phone, taking pity on me, told me a skeleton staff worked at the weekends doing inventory, and that perhaps a nurse would agree to come in to do the rudimentary medical, and especially collect the required specimens (blood, etc.). If everything looked normal, a doctor could sign the preliminary medical form the insurance company needed on Monday morning. Putting me on hold, she came back a few minutes later and told me that a nurse, considering my circumstances, had agreed to come in at 9am as a special favor. I thanked her profusely and assured her I would be there first thing in the morning.
I finally made it to the clinic at 11am! I had overslept, and then discovered I had looked up the wrong clinic name online for the address.
There were three cars parked outside the building complex as I knocked on the closed glass doors. I was let in by a very attractive Latina brunette, in her late-twenties/early thirties, wearing a tight white t-shirt, showing the outline of a bra underneath, nicely outlining what I guessed was a 34-inch bust, tight tan riding pants that encased a deliciously round and firm bottom, and knee-high brown boots. Her hair was wonderfully curled and hung down below her shoulders and her skin had a glowing olive complexion. Light red lipstick on full lips completed the look.
Clearly upset, she explained that she was the nurse who had agreed to come in, giving up a rare free Saturday morning, and after waiting for two hours was just about to leave. In fact she had changed out of her uniform and was just going to pick up her sister to, belatedly, go riding. I apologized, told her what had happened and pleaded with her to stay, explaining my situation with the insurance. Reluctantly, she agreed to perform the medical, and ushered me into one of the rooms, telling me to get undressed and to put on a hospital gown.
I went into the room, stripped down to my underwear, and then not finding a gown, waited for her to come back in. As she did, still in the t-shirt and riding pants, she angrily asked why I wasn't ready. When I told her I couldn't find a gown, she remembered that all the spare gowns are re-washed at the weekend and told me that I would have to do without one. I started to protest, but was cut off testily.
"Look, I don't have to be here. If you don't want to do this, that's fine with me."
As she started to move out of the room, I stopped her and told her I would do whatever she wanted.
"O.K. Finish disrobing then."
Standing with her arms crossed under her shapely breasts, staring at me, unsmiling, she waited to see what I would do. Having little choice, I reached down and removed my briefs, holding my hands in front of me. I stood before her stark naked!
Telling me to sit back on the exam table, she proceeded with the normal tests, ending with blood pressure. She then told me to hop off the table and stand with my hands by my side. I was now totally exposed to her as she stood a couple of feet away. Pulling on some latex gloves, she moved the rolling stool over, sat down and started checking my genitals, palpating my cock along the length, fondling my balls, moving my cock around to check my pubic area, and then finally pressing into my groin for the hernia check. Apparently, she was not satisfied with this final test and repeated the procedure a number of times, on each side. Her hand remained on my groin the entire time, and mixed with her intoxicating perfume, I realized when she released me that my cock was hardening. She saw it as well! And I thought I detected an idea flicker across her face.
Smiling wickedly, she moved to the desk at the side, bending at the waist looking for something in the bottom drawer. It seemed to me, she deliberately and provocatively swayed her beautiful derriere as she shifted from one foot to the other. The effect was to harden my erection, so when she turned back with a thermometer in her hand, my erection was unmistakable and unavoidable. I had never felt so humiliated and embarrassed, standing naked, and now hard, before a fully clothed women who, judging by the constant smirk on her beautiful face, seemed to be increasingly enjoying the power she held over me,
Saying that the regular thermometer had been acting up, I was informed that my temperature needed to be taken again. I went to open my mouth, but instead she retook her seat on the stool and instructed me to come to her right side.
She patted her thighs, saying, "Sorry, the only other thermometer I have is a rectal one, so I need you to lie over my lap."
Paralyzed by humiliation, I couldn't move, until she reached over, grabbed my cock and guided me over her lap. My hands rested on the floor in front of me, and my feet behind me. Positioning me to her satisfaction so my head was dropped and my ass elevated, she spread my cheeks with one hand, and inserted the head of the lubed thermometer with the other.
"This will just take a couple of minutes," she helpfully informed me.
I could do nothing but let the long seconds tick by, over the lap of a beautiful woman, with a thermometer sticking out of my upturned ass. When I turned my head I noticed that the lower cabinets had glass doors and I could see my (our) reflection in them! As I realized this, my eyes met hers in the reflection as she saw the same thing. That visual reminder intensified the embarrassment even more. Resting her hand on my ass, she said,
"You know, normally this is just done with babies, but I might start doing this regularly with my adult patients as well."
Then giggling, "Well, at least the men."
Just as she said that, a cell phone rang and I saw her answering it in the reflection.
"Hi sweetie, yes sorry I can't pick you up as I thought. The patient I came in to see was really late and I'm stuck here with him for a while."
As she said that she slapped me on the ass, as though to remind me of my lateness.
"Why don't you get a ride to the clinic and we'll to the stables from here. Karen will tell you where I am."
Before she put the phone away, I thought I heard a click and wondered if the shameful image in the glass had been recorded, but I wasn't sure.
Removing the thermometer from my ass she told to me to get up. As I struggled to my feet, I realized my erection had not faded.
Leaving me standing, she went over to the counter, wrote something down and then moved back to me, with an identity bracelet in her hand.
"Clinic rules," she explained cheerfully.
I held out my arm, but she ignored it, sat down and fitted the plastic bracelet over my cock and around the base of my balls! The effect was to draw even more attention to my hard-on. All protest had left me by now and I acquiesced without comment.
Gleefully, she explained, "Every patient must be clearly identified so that all staff know who is here."
Her initial anger seemed to have been replaced by a kind of malicious amusement. To make everything worse, it struck me that I didn't even know her name, and yet I had allowed myself to be subject to a level of humiliation I didn't know even existed.
Opening the door, and instructing me to follow her, she took a step out into the corridor. I was puzzled and paralyzed. Surely she didn't expect me to go out there in this condition?
After about 10 seconds she stepped back into the room, looking very annoyed and asked,
"Look, do you want this physical done today or not?"
I wondered momentarily how much I needed this policy, but I quickly rationalized it in my head. Just get through this and it won't matter.
My legs were literally shaking as I moved out of the room and followed her down the hall. Her wonderfully round bottom in the tight pants, as well as the identity bracelet acting as a cock ring, meant my erection would not recede. On the good side, there didn't seem to be anyone else about. But I feared the worst, as I had seen a number of cars outside when I arrived.
Indeed, as we turned the corner and reached the central office area I saw someone, a woman, behind one of the desks.
The nurse greeted her as she arrived. "Hi, Karen"
"Oh, hi Gabriela, how are you this......"
Her words trailed off as she saw me straggling behind. Gabriela (I guess that was her name) carried on as if everything was normal.
"Karen, I didn't have time to do weight and height. Could you take care of that while I go to the lab for a second?"
Karen stared back, speechless and wide-eyed. She was small, blond and pretty, wearing a light, conventional summer dress. And all of about 18 years old!
As she walked away, Gabriela explained, "We ran out of gowns and decided to do without. I'll be back before you're finished."
I stood there with my hands trying to hide my protruding genitals as best I could, but it was almost impossible. Shielding a flaccid penis is one thing, but an erection boosted by a cock ring quite another.
Karen was flustered but not to the point of paralysis. Picking up a clipboard and attaching a form to it, she asked where my identity bracelet was. Blushing furiously, I pointed to the bracelet around my balls.
She smiled, and saying "Oh, that Gabriela, what will she do next?" moved to in front of me, bending down so she could read the information. I had to get my hands out of the way as her face came within six inches of my groin. Not able to read it easily, she fiddled with the bracelet and came into contact with my cock and balls.
Having gotten the needed information, Karen stood up and told me to get on the scales by the side of the desk. I had felt more humiliated, again standing stark naked with an erection in front of a fully clothed young girl. As she adjusted the weights to get the number I wished my cock would subside, but it remained rock solid,
Karen next instructed me over to the wall to measure my height, telling me to turn my back to it. My hands had gone back in front of me, so she had to remind me to keep them by my side for an accurate height measurement. Being told to essentially expose myself by a girl young enough to be my daughter added to the shame. Adjusting the top of the measuring scale, Karen brushed against my cock. I seemed to have trouble keeping it out of the way.
Just as she finished I thought I heard the click of a camera, and Gabriela was back. Karen gave her the clipboard. Handing it to me, Gabriela said,
"You need to get some blood drawn. The lab is down the hall to the right. They're expecting you."
They are expecting me!!!
My legs would not take the steps, so Gabriela moved to me and gently shoved me in the right direction, giving me a friendly pat on my bottom like a little boy needing encouragement. As I walked away, the thought that two strange women were staring at my naked ass sent even more blood (if that was possible) surging to my cock, and I thought I heard a camera click again!
I knocked on the door of the blood lab, holding the clipboard in front of me. (At least it gave me some protection). The door opened and yet another pretty young woman faced me. She had short black hair and was wearing a white lab coat. As I moved in she took the clipboard from my hands, leaving me again totally exposed. Wanting to know where the identity bracelet was, she went through the same procedure as Karen. Another woman was thoroughly examining my cock and balls. As she stood, smiling, I heard a movement behind me and turned my head to the side to see yet another white-coated young woman (this one red-haired) come into the room. (It seemed that the entire weekend staff was female and under 25!).
As I stood there, hard and naked, they were casually conversing and looking me up and down at will. Finally, the black-haired technician started putting on some latex gloves and asked me to move over to the examining table. I took a seat beside the table and offered her my arm. She shook her head and told me that that were going to try a different technique to draw the blood.
"Bend over the examining table"
Protest was beyond me now. I silently moved over to end of the table and leaned over it on my elbows. The technician moved beside me, and telling me that she needed to find the right vein, started gently slapping me on my ass. After a minute of this, she called over to the other woman, saying that she couldn't find one, and asked her to try. She also started slapping my ass. I just stared at the wall in front of me, trying to make my cock go down. She too announced that she could not find one, and told me to stand up and turn around. I realized from their smiles that they had never had any intention of drawing blood in this way. Gabriela had obviously told them just to have some fun with me.
Laughingly, the dark-haired one pointed to my hard cock and said,
"Perhaps we should take it from there. There sure seems a lot of pumping blood action."
I almost collapsed in embarrassment.
Finally, they took the blood in the normal way, and sent me back to Gabriela with the clipboard, staring at me as I walked away down the hallway.
Approaching Karen and Gabriela by the reception area, they were giggling and exchanging comments under their hands with each other. Gabriela took the clipboard from me with one hand, grabbed my cock with the other and started leading me down the corridor. Karen was not as shy now about the situation. She stared openly at my naked form as Gabriela led me back into the first room. Once there I was told to lay on the examining table. My still hard cock rested against my stomach as I followed instructions.
Looking at her watch, Gabriela placed two fingers on the sensitive underside of my cock.
"Rechecking pulse," she explained.
The thirty seconds it took to do this felt like five minutes as I registered every throb of my penis. When I looked at Gabriela, she just smiled as though this was the most normal and routine thing in the world.
Finishing, she said that only the prostate exam and the specimen remained to be taken. By now no humiliation seemed too great and I went to turn over on my stomach. She stopped me saying it wasn't necessary and I sighed with relief, thinking that she was going to spare me this indignity.
I was wrong, because as she fiddled with some buttons on the side, I realized that I was on the table where women are normally given their gynecological exams. Two stirrups appeared from either side. Pushing my legs apart Gabriela guided my feet into them, spread-eagling me. My cock and balls seemed even more exposed in this situation. I momentarily thought what women must feel in this position, with a male doctor looking on!
Telling me to put my arms behind my head, and pulling on some lubricated latex gloves, Gabriela moved to the end of the table, between my now spread legs and stared down at me. Smiling, she leaned forward and slipped one finger up my ass, and slowly and expertly, moved it in. My muscles instantly contracted and she told me to relax. Then looking me right in the eyes, and smiling wickedly, she moved her finger further in, and began to lecture me on the costs of being tardy.
As her finger moved in and out -- I wasn't being examined, but fucked in the ass by her -- the door opened. I thought it might be Karen, but as I turned my head to the side, I saw another woman enter the room. She too looked very young (around 18) and was also wearing similar tan riding pants and knee high boots to Gabriela, with a white shirt on top. Her dark hair was pulled back and tied in a long braid that ran down her back. She filled out the pants very nicely and was really extremely nubile. She literally jiggled as she moved and my cock throbbed harder. She seemed surprised.
"Oh hi sis, sorry, Karen told me it was fine to come in. I see you're busy. I'll wait outside."
Gabriela stopped her and said that she'd be finished soon and just to wait in the room with her. All the while her finger remained embedded in my bottom, and my cock continued its swollen state.
Then, almost absently, Gabriela asked the girl a question.
"Say, have you done male anatomy in that first year physiology class?"
The girl answered in the negative, and added that she was really struggling.
"I think you need to make your studies concrete, rather than getting it all out of a book."
Then looking me sternly and firmly in the eyes, she asked,
"You don't mind helping my college freshman sister out in her studies, do you?"
All resistance had left me now. I meekly nodded my head. .
Gabriela introduced her to me as Sophia. As she came up to the table to unnecessarily shake my hand, her older sister's finger never left me and Sophia took a good look at my body, especially of course my protruding erection. I could now see, obviously, that they were sisters, the same olive skin, the same hair, the same features.
Finally, Gabriela withdrew her finger, removed her gloves, and lifted my legs from the stirrups. She told me to turn over and get up on my hands and knees, an all fours, and for Sophia to put on some gloves. They both moved behind me, and I felt my legs being spread apart so that my balls and erect penis could be seen from behind.
Then Gabriela started giving instructions on how to do a rectal exam and what to look for. I felt my cheeks being spread apart and a finger, I presumed Sophia's, moving in. I didn't hear what was being said as my mind convulsed with shame and humiliation. At the same time there seemed no way out of it, having come this far.
The finger withdrew and after a few seconds I felt a warm hand exploring my still bound testicles. Then someone patted me on the bottom and Gabriela told me to get down off the examining table. I stood beside it as they both moved to face me. My erection was even harder.
Gabriela glanced at it and I saw the now familiar wicked smile sweep across her mouth. She leaned over and whispered something to Sophia, who nodded and then left the room.
Gabriela picked up her phone from her counter and showed me a picture -- I was right, she had taken a shot of me over her knee with the thermometer protruding from my ass. She also had one of me walking away from the back, and also one of me from the front, my face and erection unmistakable.
"This next part of the medical is not exactly standard, but unless you want these sent out to everyone you know, you'll go along with whatever I suggest. Understood?"
Not for the first time, I was frozen.
Taking my balls in her hand, squeezing not so gently she leant in towards my face, and asked again, with more menace,
"I said, understood?"
I furiously nodded my head.
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2022.01.27 06:26 MOEverything_2708 Ahhh shit

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2022.01.27 06:26 wwar4 Am I old

It's weird to see all the "how much can I get for this" stuff and then I'm here with most of these toys not realizing this is like a 10 year old game
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2022.01.27 06:26 Offres أردوغان: تركيا ستدخل مرحلة جديدة مع دول الخليج

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2022.01.27 06:26 IkerGame17 Milking my meme machine

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2022.01.27 06:26 Vespirited TIL that in 2018, the UAE blocked the website Change.org in response to a petition complaining about VoIP calls blocked in the country, a move done in order to allow telecom monopoly Etisalat to charge users for VoIP calls. Change.org is still banned to this day.

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2022.01.27 06:26 alderverto Interview with Khabat Abbas | Longform Podcast | Robert Evans' Women's War and their time spent together in Rojava is mentioned briefly

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2022.01.27 06:26 __999__WRLD__ Back to apple after being cucked by jb hifi in Australia

So long story short pretty much got shafted by jb hi fi after already getting the phone replaced ones new unit had same problems if not more and they would not do anything even tho under that 90 day warranty thing and only option was to send it off and not have for possibly months on end shame it was a good phone but so many fuckin bugs but from this place it’s been different for each person 🤡
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2022.01.27 06:26 kobi221 Passive. Residual. Sustainable.

Are you looking for a Real & Free work from home career opportunity that can provide you with a professional level income regardless of experience or education? A career that is easy, flexible, extremely rewarding and provides you with a true residual income and an over the top early retirement program?
Our company “Snap Delivered” is a new food delivery app that has figured out how to do delivery better, and we are looking for motivated individuals like you to introduce Restaurants, Drivers & Customers to our platform. This is extremely easy to do as it is 100% free, and our value proposition is extraordinary.
So, what makes us different and what’s in it for you?
Restaurants that use one of the big 3rd party delivery apps, and you know who they are, they are charged “up to” 35% of the meal price as a commission to the delivery app that facilitates that transaction. That means that if the order is $40, the restaurant is charged up to $14. That is eating up most of their profits.
Well, Snap Delivered is here to give the vast majority of that money back to the Restaurant owner and inject 60% of their profits back into the local communities to support and reward the Restaurants, Drivers, Customers & Organizations that use and share the Snap Delivered App.
With Snap Delivered, we only charge the Restaurant a flat $2 per delivery regardless of the size of the order instead of the 25% to 35% like the rest of the delivery apps.
This saves the restaurant 10’s of thousands of dollar each year in delivery fees!
And if you sign up that Restaurant for FREE, you earn .40 cents for every delivery that goes out their door. You also earn $.50 cents for every order the Restaurants customers make through the app and .10 to .20 cents for every delivery the drivers complete. This is all in perpetuity. It’s the epitome, the crown jewel, the holy grail of residual income!
Let’s look at some numbers:
If you sign up 10 Restaurants for FREE and they do 20 deliveries a day each, that is 200 deliveries per day collectively. 200 deliveries at .40 Cents = $80 a day or $2,400 a month in passive residual income. Now, add the .50 cents from customer over-rides and .10 cents from the drivers and you are earning $6,000 per month from those same 10 restaurants! And 20 deliveries a day is conservative. A lot of Restaurants do 100 to 150 plus deliveries a day.
And, several Snap Delivered affiliates are signing up 10 restaurants in their 1st week. Think about that, securing an early retirement income in only 1 week! Many people work 40 hours a week for 40 years and don’t get a retirement like that.
Do this 9 more times and you are earning $60,000 per month!
And if you are the type of person who wants to build teams, you can over-ride the production of hundreds and even thousands of Restaurants, Drivers & Customers that your team refers to Snap Delivered and create generational wealth.
You can work with us full time or part time and you choose when and where you want to work. We have all of the print ready marketing collateral created for you, and daily trainings that you can participate in to learn all the aspects of Snap Delivered. This is completely turn-key and ready for you to create life-changing results on day one!
Snap Delivered offers a dream career opportunity. There are not many industries in the world that allow you to create total financial freedom in a very, very short period of time and with zero investment.
So, what’s next? It’s really simple. Submit your application below and we will contact you to answer any questions and set you up for maximum success.
We look forward to helping you create a career that you can be proud of. One that provides real value to you, your family and your community.
Message me if interested and we can get started asap
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2022.01.27 06:26 papifougasse Finally done, me, digital, 2022

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2022.01.27 06:26 SFJT [Feedback regarding Skills] Insights and observations are appreciated

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2022.01.27 06:26 chrislulka NFT Inspired by 'Death on the Ridge Road' - Grant Wood

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2022.01.27 06:26 Remarkable_Tale_8540 Any file that I could edit to get more moves per turn?

I just want a single more move to make for all my soldiers. Which file should I edit?
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2022.01.27 06:26 GlueR Υπ. Μετανάστευσης: Μείωση κατά 79% στους διαμένοντες στα νησιά τον Δεκέμβριο 2021

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2022.01.27 06:26 Original-Question-36 Looking to start dating as a female and i'm wondering if my hobbies/interests/personality is bad

I'm introverted and kind of guarded, so I'm not super easy to talk to. I have mood swings from mental health stuff and so I can look irritated at times because I am.
However, if you get to know me, I can be funny. But I'm also kinda awkward at first.
Hobbies-wise, I like watching documentaries, some comedy, reading the news and catching up on current events, listening to music (usually pop, but I've liked some country music, 50's music, and Elvis). 50's music has this really happy and simple and nostalgic vibe that I like and I sometimes also watch documentaries about the 50's, history, and international relations.
I also like writing and I'm starting to get into baking and cooking but I'm a total beginner. I'm also a sucker for bubble tea and trying new restaurants, though that can get really expensive.
I'm pretty into social issues and social science, but also have a science background from being premed in college for a bit (took chemistry, physiology and know basic physics). I ended up majoring in economics, so I know math decently well too.
I also like learning Spanish off and on - I don't really use Duolingo or anything structured. I learned Spanish in HS and still have a pretty good foundation and occasionally read and listen news or music in Spanish.
Also starting to learn Mandarin but just speaking, not reading or writing, since half my family is native Mandarin speakers.
I don't really watch sports and I'm not really athletic, but I used to like swimming in the past and am hoping to get back into it. I do think throwing footballs around is fun, though!
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2022.01.27 06:26 AidenCP How much will DLC be?

I only want the two Mandalorian DLC packs, so I don’t think I’m going to buy the Deluxe edition, but I was wondering if we know how much they will be individually?
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2022.01.27 06:26 Sjedda "Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson are two of the dumbest people on earth" - Rollingstone

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2022.01.27 06:26 newsdk Google skrotter det kritiserede cookie-alternativ FLoC

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2022.01.27 06:26 newsdk ITU-formand revser udflytningsplaner: »Hovedstadsområdet har kæmpe mangel på it-specialister«

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