WKUK Little Hitler

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2022.01.27 05:31 India-News-Spread मौनी रॉय और सूरज पर चढ़ा हल्दी का रंग, आज गोवा में होगी शादी। विडिओ हुई वायरल।

मौनी रॉय और सूरज पर चढ़ा हल्दी का रंग, आज गोवा में होगी शादी। विडिओ हुई वायरल। submitted by India-News-Spread to WeddingPhotography [link] [comments]

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2022.01.27 05:31 TheUltraGarden The Untold Truth (Revival AU: Book 1): Prologue

Prologue ~Just After The Scorching Ended~

It was over, The Scorching was done, but there was one last thing for him to do. He needed to create a power strong enough to hold all others. No, not animus magic, something much stronger. Something that even death itself couldn't hold. He needed to create The All-Power.
"I, Zenith, hereby give my last gift to this world, one last power, one last hope for all. I now make a power that can bypass any other magic, including death itself and will also boost any other power to full capacity when in use. This power will be transferred through the souls of important dragons into ones that seem meaningless by all means. I give this power to myself and one pair of two individuals from each dragon tribe as of 5,000 AS who can only use it when they share true friendship and when it is needed most, when it is required to save the world itself. The pairs I choose to give this power will be far in the future and are those that I saw in my last vision. Firstly, for the Skywings, I give the souls of the last animus' of their kind. Next, for the Seawings, I give the souls of an unfathomable love. Then, for the Icewings, I give the souls of a bittersweet end. After that, for the Mudwings, I give the souls of two loved ones who died in battle together. Even more, for the Sandwings, I give the souls of the first animus' of their kind. I now, for the Hivewings, give the souls of the first builders of the hives. And for the Leafwings, I give the souls of the first ever leafspeakers. Then, for the Silkwings, I give the souls of the first ever flamesilks. After words, for the Rainwings, I give the souls of the first settlers of Pyrrhia itself. Lastly, for the Nightwings, I give the souls of long lost lovers who, by the end of this, will have the chance to be together one last time. When the time has come, this power shall return me to this world as a human once more, to save it from certain death at last."
These were Zenith's final words before his vision slowly faded away, and for 5,000 years, all he saw was darkness. But this was far from the end.

~5017 AS (5 Years After Darkstalker's Defeat)~

Peacemaker felt a jolt of energy crackle through his veins as the shadows surrounded him. He saw faces he never knew, but thought he did. And then he saw all of these faces form into new ones, one by one. The last of which was a face he thought knew so well, but he still couldn't wrap his head around his name. At last, the face changed, but this time into one he did recognize, into his own. At last he saw a scavenger, or human as they turned out to be. This one could speak, though, and what it said sent a chill down his spine. Your time is soon to come, soon you'll know the truth. Not just what was hidden from you, but what was hidden from us all. Find me when you remember these words, I'll be there when you do.
He then jolted awake, as this was just a dream. But something felt odd, it had felt so real, but he couldn't get his head around why. He tried to remember the faces, but he couldn't bring any of them to mind. Maybe he'd remember later, but for now, he needed more rest, as today would be his first at Jade Mountain Academy.

I know this is a very short prologue, but I'm getting chapter 1 done at the moment and it will be longer. I also have a "Plans" document that I'll post here after writing this note. It's for the next two books, which are about Peacemaker and someone else who I will not mention the name of yet. We'll meet her later, don't worry.

Inspired by The Darkest Eclipse Trilogy: Finding Peace by u/WarriorofSpectra and Wings of Fire: Revenant by xVexVamp.
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2022.01.27 05:31 hannamjaegihara I love Michaela and Laurel's selfishness

Corner is handsome Micharla is pretty, selfish and ambitious. Her personality is like Hillary. Bonnie and Annalise relationship is complicated i like that I can't find anything to like Wes.
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2022.01.27 05:31 Misato-best-woman Apple CEO Tim Cook targeted by possibly armed stalker who came to his home and is still in the area, company alleges

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2022.01.27 05:31 AyeeHayche GMP CTSFO’s providing security at the One Love Manchester concert [2048X1482]

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2022.01.27 05:31 jonalewarm One Year Old

One Year Old Our son Breen was born 23 weeks 5 days due to a pprom at 19 weeks. My incredible wife stayed pregnant with a ruptured sack for four weeks, leaking amniotic fluid constantly.
Breen crashed to earth via emergency c-section on January 27th, 2021. The OB cut him deeply during that c-section from his neck to his butt, a gnarly scar that is still quite prominent. It wasn't malpractice, the uterine lining of the womb was paper thin and there was no fluid left. She saved his life by cutting shallow rather than deep during an emergency situation, and realizing what had happened immediately, handing our fragile little guy to the neonatologist so that he could have a chance.
Both of his lungs collapsed upon birth, the cut nearly killed him, and the neonatologist made it clear that this likely wasn't going to work. His goal was to keep him alive long enough for my wife to meet him as she recovered from a brutal c-section next door.
He somehow got through the night and had a 13 day honeymoon, until he suffered a bowel perforation. Our local Idaho NICU was a level 3 so they couldn't do the surgery, and his neonatologist didn't think any regional level 4 NICU would take such a fragile kid. But they said yes at Primary Children's in Salt Lake. So he got on a helicopter ride and the surgeon operated on his tiny fragile intestines. It all seemed like such a long shot.
But he recovered, until he didn't and coded for several hours after surgery. And he somehow got through that and they operated on his back which had opened up. And he started doing OK until his bowel re-perforated. And then he started doing OK until he got pneumonia. Then he recovered and started doing OK until... until... until...
You NICU parents know the grueling dance, the house of horrors that is life in the NICU. We said goodbye to him so many times. We only wanted to give him a chance, not knowing that he would need dozens of chances after dozens of setbacks, infections, desats, codes, perforations....
And then he came home, after nearly nine months in the NICU. On low flow rather than a trach. And here he is, sitting in our home, laughing at his big sister. Eating food, smiling, looking at things with curiosity. This beautiful soul where there once was just a medical calamity. This incredible strong boy.
I wasn't looking forward to his birthday because it's the anniversary of one of the worst days in my wife's or my life. A day of trauma, fear, and pain. But now that it's here, it feels more like a beacon that lights the way forward. That guides our family to year two, year three, and beyond. It feels like a celebration of all the nurses, doctors, therapists, and surgeons who built him. A celebration of all the support we got from family, friends, and strangers alike. A celebration of the rivers of prayer that came pouring in from an impossibly large lattice, most of whom we may never meet.
So we celebrate you wee Breen, you incredible little dude. It's great to know you. Happy Birthday.
Much love to all the NICU parents out there where you are in the journey.

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2022.01.27 05:31 FADIKALIL 27 كانون الثاني 1832- انطلاق مقاومة الأمير عبد القادر الجزائري ضد الاحتلال الفرنسي للجزائر

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2022.01.27 05:31 T-Bolt777 Rate my sayian stat array? Open to critism

After creating several characters from male majin to female majin to frieza race I FINALLY decided to make a Male sayian due to their many benefits and I'm looking for critism to improve my build or see what people think
Height: second tallest (3) (so i could have good reach withought a detrimentally large hitbox + extra health) Weight: middle (going hybrid for all purpose) Stats Health: 0 Ki: 0 Stamina: 42 Basic attack: 125 Ki Supers 108 Strike supers: 100
the idea is to have a decent amount of stamina while not having too much due to low hp, that way a stamina break doesnt immediatley equal death. Putting 42 in stamina means a QQ bang can push it to 8 if I ever need to do so (not that I do. High stamina only seems to suck in pvp for me thus far.)
Otherwise I get a solid 6. The last 8 being put in ki supers is because ki supers are useful in pvp and PVE
None in Ki because 5 bars is all you ever really need... And a QQ bang pushes it to 7 anyway And none in health because maxing it out gives you under 4K hp and that extra health is easily chewed through.
Putting the last 8 in ki supers because ki supers work in pvp and pve
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2022.01.27 05:31 Dashwii I've broken the laws of physics

I've broken the laws of physics somehow. My laptop has been at 85% since yesterday morning. I thought the battery charge was deceiving me, so I restarted the laptop and it was still at 85%. I've decided to leave it on to see how long it'll last. (Usually died after 6 hours without charge idle or not).
Woke up and this shit is still alive, tf is going on.
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2022.01.27 05:31 spanishlover21 Redditors from south america; what are some cool facts the world needs to know about your country ? How do you guys differ from EU and North America?

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2022.01.27 05:31 FADIKALIL #عاجل . وسائل إعلام إسرائيلية: إصابة جنديين من حرس الحدود جراء إطلاق نار متبادل بعد خطأ في التشخيص

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2022.01.27 05:31 bitchontheinternet94 How much do yall feed your adult vizsla a day?

I have a 3 1/2 year old vizsla and feed her twice a day, morning and evening. She eats dry food I give her a cup and a half in the morning and another cup and a half in the evening. I also mix in a spoonful of canned food in each meal... she gets moderate exercise daily. Should I feed her more or less or is this fine?
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