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Is draft dodging a felony? And if so would I still be able to become a high school teacher if I’m a felon?

2022.01.27 06:23 klingonbussy Is draft dodging a felony? And if so would I still be able to become a high school teacher if I’m a felon?

I know it’s a real possibility, I don’t wanna get my head blown off any time soon so I’ll probably just take the jail time if the US goes to war with Russia and have a draft. If I become a felon that’s gonna completely derail the trajectory of my life, even with a felony would I be able to become a high school teacher? I’m not even in a real college right now, I’m in community college.
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2022.01.27 06:23 CascadianGuardsman1 PRODUCT PLACEMENT PLATOON: A BT fanfic Ft. My Mercanary Company The Cascadian Marshals/Regulators (name change explained in story)

Frost was bored, which is not great, he started to reminisce on his training days for the Freikorp, many a urbie engine was burned out by him.
~though i hear one of the new trainees is catching up in me~ he thought, ~maybe i shoul-~ a beep at the office door pulled him from his thoughts. Shutting down his records computer he sighed.
"Come in!"
Upon the hiss of the door and with barely a finished breath his 2ic and Civilian Relation Manager (his boss) Stepped in.
"Frost we have a problem!" his boss a fair looking woman, with a rather dour resting face all but shouted.
"This eel wants us to change our name!" The 2ic actully yelled slamming his hands on Frosts desk.
~this should be good~ Frost mused. "Right then, Genshu* Beckler, what is the problem?"
Reaching into her left breast pocket she withdrew a data stick and handed it over, "I have sanctioned an add for our agricultural export department, and they wanted you and your soldiers as actors plus a a few named products that would enable you to have another income for maintenance... with the up coming merge of the lyrans and Feds we are going to need that kickback soon"
Booting up the drive Frost starts to skim through the Files. "Whats the issue then?" He he asks again.
"Your merc name is too steiner"
"Excuse me" he looks back at her alarmed.
"See, that right there! Is wrong!" the 2ic pointed at her scowling
"Noodle, settle down and sit down!" Noodle, looks back at Frost.
"Affirm Eightball" he pulls out the guest chair near the wall and sits down, grumbling.
"Genshu explain please"
"Steiner presence is staring to pick up down here, not alot mind you but enough that with their union to the Feds, they might come after the major players in the periphery, and we are in that line of fire, i rather not have any Magistracy forces attack us due to a name" she sits on the desk earning a glare from Frost. Before continuing in a softer tone. "I know the meaning of the name for us on the 10* the free corp. A statement of being free of the star league tyrants and the great houses, but we have been free since the uprising let the name retire"
Begrudgingly she had a point, besides from the Strategic designation of 420th Mech the name Freikorp was the last vestige of the SLDF Deserters that intergrated into Cascade X during the uprisings.
Wasn't the first time it's been brought up, but nostalgic hearts kept firm.
"And the other reason?" He gestures to the data file.
"Freikorp Rice Cakes, does not sound appealing" she stated
"Of bloody course" Noodle says as he slumps in the chair.
"Do you have any suggestions Genshu Beckler?"
Her smile worried him, his face paled at the list she retrieved from her other breast pocket.
"Oh god no!" Noodle exclaimed eyes widening as he saw the hand writing.
"Here are some suggestions from a few of your own troopers-"
"Oh sweet lucifer" Frost sighed robbing his temples
"The Starcorp. The void hoppers, the Mori* Defenders-"
"Forest defenders! Thats a little on the nose" Noodle squawked
"The Phantoms, The Farmer's Fist-"
Frost laughed outloud at that one.
Beckler chuckled "yes i did find that one amusing, its the only one from the cadets that was"
~ouch, that must have been harsh for the FNGs~ Frost though.
"Back to the list- you know what, most of these are jokes, and a few are innuendos how about i read the serious ones and let you decide Commander"
Frost nodding acceptance gets her to continue "the ones that fit our founding rules and moral obligations in how we conduct ourselves and your mercenaries to agreater degree are as follows: The Regulators, The Marshals, and The Guardians"
~that last one is a bit to self important, might cause issues~ Frost decides he looks at Noodle who nods.
Looking back at Beckler "drop Guardians, its too self praising, the star league thought themselves as guardians and peacekeepers... the other two fit better with how we operate, more as lawman"
"Heavly armed, militaristic lawman" Beckler added with a smirk "been a while since i hunted pirates and bandits in a mech?"
Seeing the question coming Frost gave a quick 'nuh uh' "You still have your mech, but i don't think the farmers or the civilians have the charisma to talk to the queens of Canopus without making things awkward"
"Hmm, a girl can dream"
"Righto my votes on the regulators" noodle said and stood up "send me a copy of the two choices and i'll put it on the academy bulletin, i am still mad lass" was his parting word before the door hissed shut as he left.
"I am more partial to marshal" Frost quiped
"What is was punny!" Frost exclaims with a staright face.
"I am your boss and i right off on vacation days, do not make a lame joke again"
"... so is that vote no on the Marshal name cause, i got some great potato pie names and-"
"Bye commander, i have red tape cut through very important, sayonara!"
hiss clamp
"She laughed more when we were in the academy"
Getting up from his desk Frost made his way over to the single large pane window, thumbing a slider on the wall next to it, it cycled through several virtual landscapes of roaring magma flows and glowing fauna chirping away before, the Digi-screen folded in and upwards revealing the snow capped forest the hid the The now inlimbo mercenary HQ, itself settled on a hill that overlooked the only way in a shallow river bed that led into the only and vast cold desert tundra of Cascade X.
"Regulators or Marshals... Thus begins a new chapter for us, i hope it's not as rocky as the last one."

Also i think it is a Sake (rice wine) brand as well so fun fact.
As you can see a name change was probably needed.
Speaking of what do you guys think about my choices
Should they be The Cascadian Regulators, or The Cascadian Marshals?
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2022.01.27 06:23 Aratho [Scuderia Ferrari] Smooth operator MODE. Good morning from Fiorano, Tifosi

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2022.01.27 06:23 TheMGTOWMan Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq (1) (2020) [00:31:07]

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2022.01.27 06:23 walk2574 Starting off with gamedev, any tips?

I’m going to be starting with C# in unity with no previous experience in coding. Anyone have any tips on how to get started on learning how to do this shit?
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2022.01.27 06:23 bimmerbenzandbentley not to be biased or anything but...

imo mru isnt even a real university. everything they do is just biting off of U of C like damn bitch be original fo once.
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2022.01.27 06:23 cancelmyculture Legitimate question, as there is always two sides to every story

I recently tested positive for Covid here in Aus and have had to get a majority of my essentials delivered via Uber. I have left instructions on how to get up to my floor (a 40ft hallway and a single elevator) and almost every driver has ignored all messages and left it on the streetside, letting it spoil since I cannot go down to get it and my neighbours are not chatty types.
Is there a reason for this? Do people distrust the safety? Are they not allowed to come into the building?
Sure its all frustrating but I think itd be naive to be blindly angry at this, drivers what do you think?
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2022.01.27 06:23 dumbledoor_ger Gamers of Reddit, if you'd multiply your total play time by your current hourly wage, what's the most expensive thing you'd be able to afford with the money?

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2022.01.27 06:23 Westcoastblond 24 F how is your night going

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2022.01.27 06:23 1Admr1 A non named empire just spawned (extended ethics/civics mod) is this common lol

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2022.01.27 06:23 josip091 i need comment karma

i need comment karma upvote comment
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2022.01.27 06:23 3ink3onk girl what the fuck is this 💀 (CW terfy bs targeted at juno)

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2022.01.27 06:23 Impossible-Climate43 26(M) looking for advice

Hello all, I am a 26 year old and I have been smoking every day for about 8-9 years now. I have never thought about quitting until a few years ago because it has never impacted me in such a huge way that I thought I had to leave this substance behind. I did extremely well academically throughout my high school and college years, I play basketball 4-5 times a week and I am doing very well in my job right now as well.
The desire to quit started last year when my mom got serious covid. I am from Myanmar and it was around the time of our military coup. Our hospitals were overrun and there was a military curfew in place. I don't want to bore everyone with the details but the worst night came when I had to carry my mom and take her to the hospital myself past curfew hours in a light truck, with an oxygen concentrator hooked to a generator at the back. I remember at that moment feeling like I never want to be high again because I was worried my inability to be there for everything she might need would cost me to lose her. Throughout her recovery in the hospital which lasted about a month, I didn't smoke at all. When she was released back to home care, I still stayed off the stuff for another month or so.
This was about 5 months ago. Now I am back to my old habits of smoking everyday. I used to work at home but a month ago I started working at a new place with other people. Now, I smoke before I go to work and after I get back home so there's a slight improvement.
I know I want to quit eventually because the voice in my head telling me that this should not define who I am has been speaking to me for a few years now (even before my mom went through what she did). I remember the 2-3 months I stopped, even though I was absolutely shattered emotionally from seeing my mom go through covid, I remember when she was released, and I was sober, I felt so like myself that I know I want to go back to that person.
It is 4 pm now and I just called my dealer to pick up right after I finish work. I have been reading everyone's stories on this page for the last hour (sorry boss!) and I realize there are so many people here that can understand me and advise me on how to approach this. I am thinking about trying the slowly taking yourself off method (no smoking in the morning, then evening, then weekends only, etc...). I just wanted to share my story too and write my feelings out because I felt so inspired reading everyone's stories here. I am looking forward to learning from everyone here. Wish me luck on the journey guys. I'm going to first try NO WAKE AND BAKE starting tomorrow!
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2022.01.27 06:23 pleaserstarcraft Zoun matchfixing?

seriously. wtf is this? Nice bit of acting pretending you didnt mean to cancel the cannon game 1 but game 2 made it a bit too obvious bro..
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2022.01.27 06:23 japanidol Finally - 愛迷 - Dance Practice Video

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2022.01.27 06:23 I_am_just_a_friend mmmmmmm warmth

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2022.01.27 06:23 asherdado Top 10 Anime Showdowns That Were Worth the Wait

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2022.01.27 06:23 black_swan_song I͎͆͜'v̳̈͘ȩ͉͡ A͇̙̕l̶ͤ͡w̡͑ǎ̡̕yͦͤ͡s̶̨̘ B̛̠̟e̙͂͢ȩ̋͘n̖̄͟ Á͕ͬb̧̹͕l̵͚̳e̷̤̾ T̢̖ͤo̠ͦ̕ L̃͜͝ư̍͢c̪ͮͨȉͬ͜d̶̪̀ D̥̘̊r̗̞̽ḛ̩̂aͯ́̎m͌̈́͟ A̖ͤ͢f͍̍ͨt̡̤͛e͓͟ͅr̖ͮ͜ Ņ̖̫ǫ̏͘t̯̃̕ S̪͌͠m̠̾̕o̥͌͘k̗͂͜i̙̇͡ņ̶ͯg͓̉̉ Ç͊͡a͍̲͙n̞͌́ņͨà̺̲b͐͒͜i̢ͦ̃s̤̾͝ F͎̃̓ơ̴̽r̢͕̋ A̺̤ͮ D̛̞ͬà̪y̴͆͜.

I͎͆͜'v̳̈͘ȩ͉͡ A͇̙̕l̶ͤ͡w̡͑ǎ̡̕yͦͤ͡s̶̨̘ B̛̠̟e̙͂͢ȩ̋͘n̖̄͟ Á͕ͬb̧̹͕l̵͚̳e̷̤̾ T̢̖ͤo̠ͦ̕ L̃͜͝ư̍͢c̪ͮͨȉͬ͜d̶̪̀ D̥̘̊r̗̞̽ḛ̩̂aͯ́̎m͌̈́͟ A̖ͤ͢f͍̍ͨt̡̤͛e͓͟ͅr̖ͮ͜ Ņ̖̫ǫ̏͘t̯̃̕ S̪͌͠m̠̾̕o̥͌͘k̗͂͜i̙̇͡ņ̶ͯg͓̉̉ Ç͊͡a͍̲͙n̞͌́ņͨà̺̲b͐͒͜i̢ͦ̃s̤̾͝ F͎̃̓ơ̴̽r̢͕̋ A̺̤ͮ D̛̞ͬà̪y̴͆͜. submitted by black_swan_song to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 06:23 paulchiefsquad I wanted to give a bit of constructive criticism about the thumbnails

Most of the times I watch a Dr.K video, especially the one about the reddit posts, I never understand from the title what's the topic of the video.
An example could be this video ( https://youtu.be/tpfBu-PnWJ4 ) Although the titles says "Why you are always unhappy" the video itself is about the ego and it shapes our goals.
Although when the video is finished you can understand the title, it doesn't work the other way around.
I feel like everytime I watch a new video it's like opening a mistery box and hoping it is something that can help me.
I would at least put some key words so that people that want to gain insight about a particular topic can just google the words and get all the videos that talk about that particular thing (for example all the videos about ego, about anxiety etc)
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2022.01.27 06:23 Angelajapan Lovelyz - 백일몽 (Daydream)

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2022.01.27 06:23 appsaraby شركة "سبلينداب" الناشئة تتلقى تمويلًا أوليًّا من مستثمريين سعوديين

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2022.01.27 06:23 FlintStoned- 1 Free $hi Dollar or more a day // FREE CRYPTO // FREE MONEY // Easy passive income!

Claim your daily free Hi Dollar via the mobile app, web app or even via Telegram and Whatsapp bots!
When joining the hi dollar program, you need an invite referral code. You can use mine: flinttt
Increase your own earnings by inviting your friends too and receive 50% of everything your friends get, including all downstream friend's rewards who claims their daily reward!
Easy money, easy passive income! 🤑
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2022.01.27 06:23 axescent I made my very first doubles team and just made it to masterball. rank 2000 in the world.

ive always mostly been a singles guy. this is my first season with doubles. ive already learned a ton through trial and error as far as team composition goes, making my way through the ranks.
im gonna grind to number one. queue music
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2022.01.27 06:23 cuacuacuac CSL Load Cell brake review by a first-time load cell user

As I mentioned on https://old.reddit.com/Fanatec/comments/sd4gso/look_who_has_just_arrived/ yesterday I received the Load Cell kit for the CSL Pedals. As some people asked me questions I thought I would leave a quick review of my first experience with them last night.
My Profile I have been simracing for about 3 years, although I loved car games when I was a kiddo. I got a g29 which I used until I bought a CSL DD. So I'm no pro or alien, but not new to making pixels go around other pixels.
What's in the box The LC Kit comes with:

Assembly and first impressions The pedal look pretty much like the other CSL Pedals. Full metal construction, solid feeling, heavy... I really like the look of this pedals, so can't say much.
Assembly also falls in line with how the CSL Pedals are assembled. It's a bit annoying to take everything out and rewire it, but it won't take you more than about 10 minutes. I personally went for the 2 pedals mount as I rarely use the brake, but of course you can use your old brake as clutch by simply removing the sponge and rewiring the cables.
Important: In my rig, I used to mount the pedals only attached by the front, as the heel plate is annoying to screw in this set. With the load cell brake this is not possible anymore, as the back plate would lift under braking pressure. Securing the heel plate is mandatory with the load cell, and I really can't see how anybody could use the load cell without a rig (if anybody is thinking of it)
First Run I went into the Fanatec Control Panel and checked that the pedals were properly detected. By default it comes tunned down quite a lot, so I naturally set it to 100% and realized that's just too much. I tuned it down to 75% and went into actually testing it.
I fired up iRacing first and jumped on the Porsche cup car. Straight out of the pits, I destroyed the car into the pit exit. My confused brain farted, my left foot didn't know what to do. Restarted my run and applied a bit more pressure, made it out of the pits woohoo. I started practicing a bit trying to find the point where the car would lock tyres. After some few laps I increased the Brake force to 80% first, then to 85%... It started to get better slowly, but my brain was still a bit puzzled.
I decided to check the indy fixed. This week the series is at Richmond and I had struggled to even go one lap around the track. The track is very short and you need to brake, but the setup is quite loose and you need to be very light with the brake force. With the potenciometer brake, it was a struggle to brake consistently, but now I suddenly was able to hit the same small braking force turn after turn, lap after lap. I felt so good that I decided to jump into the race session. It could not go better, I felt in control for the 120 laps.
With this experience finished, I finally decided to give ACC a go, and for a starter I decided to go to Mount Panorama nonetheless... I slightly reduced the braking force to 80% for ACC (as you need to hit 100% consistently when braking on ACC) and jumped on track. This must have been the moment when my brain clicked and finally accepted the change. Off the pits, full speed ahead up the mountain straight and bam, hard brake into the Griffins Bend suddenly the magic occurred: Braking suddenly felt so natural. I continued ahead into the mountain and by the time I could relax after leaving the Elbow I was amazed. Braking made sense, releasing the brake was no longer an on/off feeling but a natural curve, trail braking was natural, the car felt so, so much better as the smooth inputs didn't unsettle it... it was an incredible experience.
I did a few more laps before unfortunately calling it a night.
Conclusions The CSL Load Cell Kit is an amazing piece of equipment. At no point I felt I was lacking resistance. After a few laps, they just feel natural, they work great, they are precise and stable, no weird read inputs, nothing. They just work. They are simple, yes, but they are also easy to set up and to work with.
I never thought a load cell would trully make such a difference, but it does. And while I can't compare with other budger or non-budget load cell brakes ( Never tried another one before ) I can say the CSL Load Cell works great and is making me happy.
One thing I would also say is: If you don't have some sort of rig to mount the pedals, don't get the load cell. There's no way you can use this properly directly on your floor.
Tips And that is all folks! I hope it helps somebody!
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2022.01.27 06:23 Balmann91 And people thought Verdansk was campy

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