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Pandem widebody Mazda Miata MX-5 RF (ND) [2160x2160]

2021.11.28 12:00 chronos_7734 Pandem widebody Mazda Miata MX-5 RF (ND) [2160x2160]

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2021.11.28 12:00 MFF-Mod Basic Questions Thread - November 28, 2021

For general advice that may answer any of your questions, please check out the various pages on the 21000dollor website.
Use this thread to ask basic questions: "What do you think of this Obelisk?", "What character should I get?", "What ISO set for this character?", etc.
You are also permitted to use this thread for general game discussion and off-topic discussion.
Please remember to thank users for informative and useful posts, so people have a reason to answer questions!
Thread will reset at daily reset (3:00 PM UTC).
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2021.11.28 12:00 The_watcher_100 To all the Demons in the Closet on Reddit, what are y'all actually trying to do?

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2021.11.28 12:00 FriarBot Daily Chat - Nov 28

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Currently, it's November 28, 2021 at 10:00AM
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2021.11.28 12:00 Stryker_836 What should I add to my arena?

Idk what to add but I have some black poster board and wanna make something but not sure what
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2021.11.28 11:59 thunderbird89 Pursuit Predation - ch. -02

Author's Note: As usual, feedback and critique of both form and substance are welcome, and highly encouraged.
Get away The Major still couldn't believe what he was seeing.
Unit lost. Downloading telemetry... Download complete.
He saw the Heavy's plasma cannon break apart, as if struck by something extremely small and fast. Then the Heavy's head jerked and he fell backward. But he just saw the native weapons being ineffective against their armor, so what happened??
He looked towards the settlement and zoomed in his visor. It popped up a small red outline in the tower, which he commanded his suit to scan.
High-energy chemical mass accelerator. Recommendation: avoid. "Thanks for the warning, very useful and timely..." - he cursed under his breath.
Where did the natives get this? Did they always have such technology? And if they did, what else were they hiding that he didn't know about? Questions were swirling in his head, but his first priority was to get out of range of that weapon - it didn't look like the shooter had located them, but he wasn't going to wait around until it did. He brought up a map of the area that he downloaded from the cruiser's computer before catastrophe struck, and plotted a route to run, sending it over to his remaining squadmates. Both pinged green on his HUD in non-verbal acknowledgement, and they stowed their rifles on the hardpoints on their backs, collapsing them into their standby mode.
They waited a few agonizing minutes to see if there were any more rounds flying their way, before springing up and breaking into a run. A few seconds later, the first tree trunk next to them splintered. A second later, another, then a third. Then it was silence.
They were running as fast as their legs could carry them, following the line overlaid on their HUD. Even the Major had little idea where they would end up, but practically anywhere was better than here. The route was twisting this way and that, taking them deeper into unfamiliar, and most likely hostile, territory, but they had little choice. Their only comfort as they ran was that the natives were established to be similar to them, biologically, but they lacked enhancements, meaning they could probably not run as fast. It took an hour of running, but they finally reached a small clearing the Major designated as their target. It was as far from the native settlement as they could get - all three of their suits were flashing warning messages at them.
"Warning: core temperature elevated. Warning: heart rate elevated. Warning: fatigue." - The Major slowed to a stop and the others around him did so too. "All right, I think we lost them. We'll rest here, put the suits in charge mode, then continue tomorrow. Dismount!"
The plates on the suits began to move apart, opening up the limbs and chest, as the helmets split into segments that retracted. The three Taiidani stepped out onto the surface of the strange planet - so primitive, yet so deadly, how could it be? Behind them, the suits closed up as the trio took a deep breath. The air was cool, it was full of strange scents, but altogether, it was breathable. Pleasant even, compared to the infinitely recycled atmosphere of the ships. The Major checked his biomonitor.
"Warning: fatigue." - overall, he could be worse, he concluded. He motioned for his comrades to sit, and he commanded his suit to replay the telemetry downloaded from the scout. The hologram shimmered into being, projected from the suit's faceplate. What it showed was mesmerizing and horrifying at the same time.
They saw the Scout approach the door. They kept checking the tagged target's heart rate: 110, 120, 135, 150, 180. It was astonishing, it was like the native was exerting itself beyond any reason, but not moving at all. When they saw the native lunge at the Scout, the Major had to pause the playback - he couldn't believe his eyes.
"Two hundred and ten cardiac cycles per minute?! This native should be dead, not moving!" - he exclaimed. "This is not possible. Not even our hearts can sustain this rate." - the Lieutenant said in disbelief. "Look how fast it's moving. It's faster than we can move, and we have accelerated responses!" - the Sergeant continued. - "There's no way it's not dropping dead any second."
The Major resumed playback. The Scout's weapon fired, and the suit marked the hits on the native with small tags. The Major immediately paused again, and rewound.
"One. Two. Three. Four. Four hits. Scout hit it four times with his SMG, and it's not stopping."
Resumed again, the video shook as the Scout was grappled and carried backwards. They saw him raise his arm, and strike down, to no effect, before the back panels of the suit turned yellow as it hit the wall. The native then reached up, grabbed the Scout's wrist, and pulled it off to the side like he wasn't even resisting, then struck it against the wall, causing the Scout to drop his gun.
"Look at this. That thing just overpowered the motion assist like it wasn't even there! Who can do that?!" - the Major questioned. "Not me. Without a suit, against a Scout model, even a Heavy could at best hold the arm in place, not overpower it like that." - the Sergeant offered.
Suddenly, the Scout was thrown to the ground, and the native was on top of him. A pair of hands, not unlike their own, grabbed the helmet and violently slammed it down several times. It quickly turned yellow on the display as the suit flashed the damage. Looking at the biometrics, it was clear the Scout was dizzy and concussed after the shocks. Still, he managed to dislodge his attacker. The Scout stood up, but he was still visibly dizzy.
"Look at this, the heart rate is still over 180! While the Scout is barely over 120. How is that thing not dead yet?!"
The Scout tried to swing at the creature, but was instead thrown face-first into the wall. His biometrics dropped even lower as he tried to steady himself. He turned around, just in time to see the native leap for his gun on the floor. He froze for a moment, which was just enough for the primitive to point the weapon at him and somehow fire it. Immediately, the chest of the suit turned red, then black.
"Information: cessation of vital signs. Information: shutdown."
Then the hologram dispersed. The three sat in silence - they just witnessed a primitive native move faster and with more force than they could ever imagine, take several mass driver rounds without reacting, fight with more brutality and viciousness than even their penitentiary camps led them to believe existed, and figure out operating their weapon in the space of a second. The Major looked at the timestamps on the recording.
"13 seconds. He lasted 13 seconds against that ... thing. And look at this ... it grabs the gun, and ... look, it doesn't even examine it, it just looks at it and a second later aims and fires it! How?!" - the Major sat in shock. "Perhaps it had some sort of dermal armor? Tissue hardening? Some sort of boost we didn't realize?" - the Lieutenant tried to explain what they just saw. "No. We would have picked it up during our reconnaissance. There's only one explanation: this is their baseline individual. Which means this isn't a Garden World, this is a Death World. And we're stuck in the middle of it all." - the Sergeant explained.
The Major looked worried. If the Sergeant was right, that meant Command vastly underestimated the planet. Whereas a Garden World was a lush, life-bearing planet of temperate climate, medium mass, and low radiation - just like how this one appeared to their sensors, even from the edge of the system -, a Death World was the exact opposite: a brutal, unforgiving world of hostile climate, crushing gravity, and apex predators that looked like walking armor with blades and fangs and claws and other natural weapons all over their bodies. What the Major couldn't understand is that these natives were not like that, they seemed quite similar to a baseline Taiidani, on a world that was a near-perfect match for Taiidani physiology, bearing a striking resemblance to their homeworld. Yet they seemed to hide a strength and resilience their military only encountered on the harshest of planets before, and for which their complement, even before being blasted from orbit, was woefully underequipped.
He tried to make these thoughts go away. He motioned for his squadmates to rest, and the three took up the traditional meditative stance, allowing their implants to detox and normalize their bodies.
"Warning: proximity warning" Suddenly, all three of them perked up, coming out of the trance.
A small quadruped with big dark eyes and long slender legs wandered into the clearing. It took one long look at the three aliens and kept walking, uninterested.
"Native life form, herbivorous probably. Don't think it's a threat..." - the Sergeant relaxed.
"Alert: proximity alert" - this was more serious. Their visual overlays showed contacts converging on their positions. "Mount up, we need to get moving!" - the Major and the Sergeant were already stepping into their combat suits which were closing around them.
"How did they find u-"
The Lieutenant never finished his sentence, as his neck started gushing blood and he fell face first onto the ground. The other two were already on the move to put some more distance between their pursuers and themselves.
Unit lost. Downloading telemetry...
Fox on the run The Marksman was still lying on his stomach, scanning the tree line with the scope.
"Come out, come out, wherever you a~re..." - the minutes ticked by in tension. Around him, the base was on high alert, a hubbub of activity, but his attention was focused on the sight picture through his scope. Suddenly, he saw three figures leap up from the ground and break into a run.
"Gotcha. Firing."
The shot rang out over the forest, followed by the sound of the M82's action cycling and the case clattering to the watchtower floor.
"Miss, firing again!"
Another shot, another clatter.
"Miss, firing again! Hold still you bastards..."
Another shot rang out, followed this time by a sigh.
"Command, miss. I saw three hostiles retreating north by north-west, about 325º, engaged without hits."
Even as he took his shots, a squad was preparing in one of the barracks to pursue the aliens.
"All right people, here's what we know: not much. About ten minutes ago, we were hit by a group of unknown hostiles who took out the C barracks. Eye witnesses say they were using some form of powered exoskeleton, making our rifles ineffective, but it looks like an M82 with AP rounds cuts through them just fine. The Private managed to kill one with its own weapon, but he's in no condition to be debriefed yet, so we go with what we know. These things are fast, strong, and advanced, but they bleed, and that means we can kill 'em. They fled north-west into the forest. So now we go hunting. Brass would prefer them taken alive, but ... you gotta do what you gotta do. They can move quite quickly, so it might be a bit of a chase - pack up and move out!"
Half an hour later, a squad of soldiers left the base, under the Marksman's watchful eye, and disappeared into the forest.
The trail the aliens left was easy to follow. Their heavy boots dented the ground, their bulky suits broke branches and scratched the bark. The tracks twisted and turned, obviously meant to throw off pursuers, but that didn't eliminate the trail itself.
Over time, they saw the tracks slow down, so they slowed their pursuit too. They were now moving cautiously, rifles at the ready, scanning every inch of the ground, the forest, and the canopies. No words, just hand signs.
"Clearing, up ahead." "You, you, and you, circle left. You, you, with me. The rest of you, go right."
The squad fanned out around the clearing, circling the meditating aliens. The Corporal paused and marvelled: they were quite similar, if a little different. Two arms, two legs, a head. Muscular frames, like their own bodies, covered by what looked like black jumpsuits, exposing bluish-grey skin. What looked like two eyes, closed under heavy eyelids, a pair of openings where a nose should be. Strangely formed ears, slightly pointed, slightly small. No hair, but what looked like crests lying flat against the skull. Their chests were rising and falling rhythmically.
Suddenly, all three of them snapped their eyes open and jumped to their feet as a deer wandered into their clearing. For a moment they relaxed, before one of them perked up and barked something to the others. They moved fast, with practiced precision. He heard what sounded like words among the trio, a series of snaps and growls and moans. Two of the suits were closing themselves around the aliens, as the third one looked around in what seemed like panic.
The Corporal hesitated, but was making up for it. He raised his rifle to his shoulder, looked through the scope, and pulled the trigger. The alien's words were cut short as it clutched its neck, blue liquid seeping between its fingers as it collapsed onto the ground.
Meanwhile, the other two exoskeletons were already running.
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2021.11.28 11:59 pistolplc Does anyone know of a spud gun that works well?

The main vintage ones on Amazon get pretty bad reviews. Does anyone have any experience with any that work pretty well?
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2021.11.28 11:59 xis005 thanks God, I forgot to choose day 3 last 3 competition and only have 980 in the last competition (navi vs zeta division), hopefully, at the end, I still have 1000.(IDK choose which flair)

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2021.11.28 11:59 Enigmatic_demon7 Escrow or Direct Deal?

Escrow or Direct Deal? I see more discounts with direct deal but escrow safer on not losing money. tho so im curious on your guys stories on both
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